School Arts Challenge 2018

2018 School Arts Challenge
2018 School Arts Challenge

The Schools Art Challenge developed by ‘The Friends of Chartres’ and organised in collaboration with The University of Chichester Fine Art area is an exciting and deeply rewarding annual event. The Schools Art Challenge enables the advancement of visual creativity within the city and its environs and promotes a valuable community interaction one that benefits all those who are involved. The staging of the event within the artOne building of the University provides a high quality venue in which to house the exhibition and allows the staff and pupils of the schools to see their work displayed in a professional setting. The ‘Challenge’ brings an important aspect of external ‘partnership’ and community reach between the University and the artistic community of the area. For the students studying Fine Art at the University ‘The ‘Challenge’ presents an opportunity for them to work within schools in the area in a supporting role helping to bring skills and ideas to the pupils and  enabling the degree students to adopt a more professional approach to their studies by engaging pupils and staff of schools. This is of major benefit to them in terms of future employment and professional collaborative approaches. The relationship between the University and the local community of schools is increasingly important as it interaction helps to not only promote art and creativity but keep visual creativity central to an all-round educational experience.

Steve McDade
Senior Lecturer
Fine Art University of Chichester